Build-A-Bear Birthday

I have 3 March birthday's and to celebrate we had our girls' party at our local Build-A-Bear Workshop.
The girls loved it! We started out with a march or skip or some sort of Conga line around the store I think we sang a song. (Not my favorite part since I had to partake in this activity while assisting my 2 year old) and then they each chose a bear. Party guests chose from the $10 bears while the Birthday girls picked whatever they wanted. Then we sat in a circle and our host asked questions about the kids favorite animals etc. They let them press the foot pedal to fill the bear with fluff. The kids then had the heart ritual where they all placed a heart in their bear and one in the birthday girls'. Then it was bath time! Afterwords, there was another song and dance around the store, box coloring, bear signing (the girls each got a bear to be signed in addition to their BAB's and special name tags) and I'm pretty sure they had to take some sort of vow.
All in all it was fun, pretty high paced so be prepared. But the kids had a blast and for only $10 a child! That included the bears, host, candy, boxes, and special birthday gifts.
The best part was the cupcakes from Frostings {Sold Separately}...yuuuuummmm

I give BAB Birthday Party an A- {not for the slow poke}