New Going Ons

Our profile was featured today on Yay us!

Newest news: We are opening up shop locally! We will continue our online shop with our favorite items for mom and baby and we will be adding those cutesy sandwich cutters as well as Reisenthel Products! If you are interested in becoming a vendor at our Boutique please contact us asap! spots are filling up quickly and at the moment we have only 8 left. We are looking for local (Richmond Virginia) handmade items only. Currently we are not accepting any handbags, hair bows, or jewelry. These spots have been filled. Any unique items including pottery, clothing, Children/Baby items, etc. are welcome! We are not accepting any items that are available for wholesale. If you are interested in selling on our online Boutique, wholesale items are accepted. Please be patient as we are busy analyzing our current prospective vendors, as well as getting everything together for our local Boutique. We will try to respond within 24 hours.

Online Shop: Is currently down while we transition from yucky sucky PayPal to Google Check Out =)